Wellness Wednesdays (Individuals)


Daily breaks result in improved mental health and stability. Provide wellness breaks to your employees with Daily Dose’s 30 minute power sessions covering different wellness topics.



Yoga/Meditation Track – Week 1

Thirty minute yoga session accessible for all levels, also incorporating in meditation components. Takes place on the FIRST Wednesday of each month.

Nutrition Track – Week 2

Thirty minute segment on different nutrition topics (i.e. – immunity boosting foods, snacks for energy, etc.). Takes place on the SECOND Wednesday of each month.

Financial Wellness Track – Week 3

Thirty minute power sessions with our financial advisor working through topics such as budgeting, investing, 401ks, etc. Takes place on the THIRD Wednesday of each month.

Wellness Variety Track – Week 4

Thirty minute guest speaker on various wellness topics related to ergonomics, mindfulness and more. Takes place on the FOURTH Wednesday of each month.