Your Path to Wellness

Monthly Challenges offering pre-recorded content for members to participate in. Each week participants are given different wellness habits to implement. All Challenges for companies include a pre & post survey along with an Executive Summary recapped for Leadership at the end of the Challenge.


  • Nutrition Challenge I & II
  • Mental Health Challenge
  • Energy Challenge
  • Sleep Challenge
  • Stress Challenge
  • Holiday Giving Challenge

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Mental Health Challenge

6 wellness habits released over the course of 21 days for people to incorporate into their daily lives that will help reduce stress, create a more positive mindset and improve your well-being. Why 21 days? Because it takes 21 days to form a new habit!

Nutrition Challenge

Focus on a different nutrition objective each week, whether it be incorporating more protein or healthy carbs into your diet, or upping your hydration. DAILY DOSETM will provide a theme each week giving you new healthy habits to work on.

Energy Challenge

What helps keep our energy levels up? Incorporate a different wellness habit each week of the Challenge to get you in the habit of eating more energy-boosting foods, drinking more water, moving your body, and facilitating better sleep!

Season of Giving Challenge

Studies show selfless acts for others are connected to positive physical and mental effects including lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, less depression, and lower stress. DAILY DOSETM’s Season of Giving Challenge encourages people to give back in ways such as donating their time and money to charities they feel passionate about, as well as purging things that are taking up mental and physical space and no longer serving them.

Stress Challenge

Stress is part of our every day lives, but too much stress can start to negatively impact us. In this Challenge, learn how to identify certain stressors, which ones can be omitted and how we can better cope with stress on a day to day basis.

Sleep Challenge

1/3 of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep each night. A lack of sleep can impede our focus and productivity both at work and at home. In this Challenge, learn tips on what impacts your sleep, and ways you can improve your sleep routine to get more zzz’s.