As part of the DAILY DOSETM community, we want to extend our offers from our affiliates. DAILY DOSETM connects with companies who have clean products. Check out each of our highlighted partners & promotions below.

Sustainable seafood company
$25 off your first box.

Toxin-free skincare, personal care and makeup; 20% of your first order for new customers.

Pure essential oils, personal care and cleaning products for natural home remedies.

Ashwagandha-infused cold brew containing adaptogens to help with your health.

Never use a spray cleaner again! Norwex BacLoc technology absorbs bacteria in a reusable cloth that self-cleans without harmful spray cleaners.

Dry Farm Wines
Natural wine company, no additives or sugar; One Penny for your first bottle with any subscription.

Homeade, local teas infused with healthy herbs; Free tea diffuser with any 1.5oz bag order when you mention Daily Dose.


DAILY DOSETM invites you to work one on one with our coaches and partners to continue your wellness journey outside of what your company is providing. Click on the links below to get in touch with each of them, or email DAILY DOSETM for a recommendation.

Financial Advisors
Lyndah Tello
Complimentary financial consult

Colleen Lyons
Complimentary financial consult

Janet Ickes
Free budget review call

Michael Lewis
Complimentary financial consult

Sandra Stowe
Complimentary financial consult

Health Coaches
Veronica Lamb
Complimentary health coaching call

Ronni Dyer (Toxins)
Complimentary coaching call on healthy living and omitting toxins

Deb Orol (Essential Oils)

Learn more about essential oils & their healing properties

CBD- Terrapin Select Website

Michelle Mirpour (Clutter to Calm Specialist)
Free complimentary call; 15% off workshops for Daily Dose attendees


Are you a small-mid size business in need of other services? DAILY DOSETM has relationships with providers, to offer clients resources for other services they may be looking for. In need of something you don’t see below? Just ask us! We’ll try to get you to the right place.

HR Outsourcing
HR Boost

Atlas HR

Benefits Outsourcing
Northstar EAP


RNE Consulting

Management Consulting
Unicorn Universe


Tangelo Onboarding Software

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