1. Employee Wellness Survey

Wanting to start a wellness program but not sure where to start?

DAILY DOSETM will collect feedback from your employees in order to recommend a program that will resonate with what your staff is most excited about.

The Result: A customized wellness plan that works with your company's interests, format and time of day.

2. Event Creation & Registration

Is your company spending money on wellness programming people are participating in?

DAILY DOSETM handles implementation, creating a link for each session with a description & visual for employees to register for events.

DAILY DOSETM provides analytics to understand engagement & which topics were most relevant.

3. Workday Integration

Is the staff engaged? Are they approaching burn out? Are you having issues with retention?

DAILY DOSETM plans programs to take place during work hours in order to integrate it into the company culture & routine.

The Result: Employees feel the company truly cares about their health since they are prioritizing wellness breaks during work hours.

4. Post Survey Reports

Are you measuring the ROI of your wellness programming?

DAILY DOSETM prepares a recap report to share with Management to understand the impact of the program.

DAILY DOSETM will also recommend any program adjustments needed for the future with the report.

5. Company Culture Shift

Would your employees recommend their company to others?

Having a consistent program that over time becomes part of the company culture.

Ultimate goal would be to have your wellness program regularly scheduled into the work day encouraging mass participation in order to reap the benefits.