Customize Your Company Webinars

Webinars can be purchased a la carte and run on the frequency and time of day of the company’s choosing.

A la carte webinars are customizable by the client. DAILY DOSETM works with each client to schedule the topics of their choosing.

Each a la carte webinar is $500 per webinar with no minimum.

The webinars are approximately 30 minutes each, performed live and also recorded for those unable to attend live.

Sample topics include:

  • Decluttering from the Inside Out
  • How to Feng Shui your Home Office
  • Herbs for Health
  • Traveling Well: How to keep healthy during travel
  • Intro to CBD
  • Immunity Boosting Foods
  • How to Setup a Budget
  • Using Acupressure as a Natural At-home Remedy
  • Cooking Demos
  • & More